All monies donated to NAAFA will now be placed in the NAAFA Member Enhancement Fund. The use of the NMEF account donations will be determined by a Fund Committee appointed by the NAAFA Board President. When a certain need is recognized, the committee will study the situation and make a determination whether in essence, the specific designation will in some way benefit all our members. This recommendation will then be presented to the Board of Directors who will make the final decision regarding the use of the MNEF monies.

Generally speaking, the NMEF money will be used for obtaining legal or tax advice. Recently, some accounting issues arose where NAAFA needed the expert advice of a CPA. Some of these fund monies were used to pay for that opinion. Other times, the legal advice or opinion of an attorney might be sought in which case, the NMEF monies might be used for that purpose. The general question that is always asked is, "Will this money be used to benefit all our members in some way?"

The designation of a donation to NAAFA's Member Enhancement Fund portrays a great faith and confidence in the decisions of the NAAFA Board. The donations are greatly appreciated, not only because they indicate your support of NAAFA, but because they indicate that you have recognized the need. NAAFA simply would not exist without the help and support of your donations. Even though NAAFA is a non-profit 501 (c) (6), this type of non-profit does not allow you to deduct your contribution(s).